Ticket prices

    Presale After presale Ticket 1.8. - 31.12.2017   1.1. - 15.6.2018   16.6. - 8.7.2018   Weekpass adults Kr. 15.900 Kr.

Ticket prices


  Presale After presale
Ticket 1.8. - 31.12.2017   1.1. - 15.6.2018   16.6. - 8.7.2018  
Weekpass adults Kr. 15.900 Kr. 18.900 Kr. 23.900
Weekpass adults with Reykjavik City Card* Kr. 19.900 Kr. 22.900 Kr. 27.900
Weekpass teenagers Kr. 7.900 Kr. 8.900 Kr. 9.900
Weekend pass (from 17:00 thursday)            Kr. 13.900 Kr. 15.900 Kr. 17.900
Weekend pass teenagers 14-17 years old Kr. 6.900 Kr. 7.900 Kr. 8.900
One day ticket (mon-wed) No presale No presale Kr. 4.900
One day ticket (thu-sun) No presale No presale Kr. 6.900
Children 13 years and younger free admission      

*Week pass with Reykjavík City Card is with bus card and access to the Reykjavik Museums. 

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FAQ's on ticket purchasing

The receipt I get in my email is not my ticket to Landsmót?
The receipt you get when purchasing your ticket to Landsmót online is NOT your ticket to the event. You have to show us your receipt at the entrance when you arrive and then you will get your entrace bracelet, which then is your ticket to the Landsmót grounds. 

Do I have to pick up my bracelet myself?
It is totally on your responsibility who picks up your bracelets. Anyone with your receipt can pick them up. Landsmót does not make up for tickets/bracelets that have gotten to the hands of the wrong people. 

Can I have my bracelet sent in the mail?
No. Landsmót can not take responsibility for the shipment to land in the right hands. 

Where can I find the receipt for my tickets?
When the purchase has gone through, a confirmation email is sent to the email address you typed. Please note that a few minutes can pass until the receipt lands in your inbox. 

I lost my reiceipt, how can I print another one?
In your email inbox, you should have your confirmation emai. In that mail is a link to your receipt. Click that link, then the receipt should open and you will be able to print it. 

What happens if the receipt gets in the hands of the wrong person?
Landsmót can not take responsibility for your receipt after it has been sent to your email address. So it is totally your responsibility to take care of it. If it comes up that someone is using fake tickets or using a receipt twice to get the bracelets, Landsmót can declare the purchase unvalid og demand payment from the original buyer for fake and/or copied tickets. 

Is there an age limit to Landsmót?
Landsmót is a family event so there is no age limit. On the evening programs though, age limits may apply.

Can I buy tickets for someone else, but pay with my credit card?
Sure you can. A ticket to Landsmót is the ideal gift for a friend or a reletive, so you can purchase a ticket in someone else's name and buy it with your cark. 

I can't make it to Landsmót but have already bought a ticket. Can I get a refund?
The general rule is that tickets are not refunded. The only exception is, that if you have bought your ticket online, you have 14 days to wish for refund on that purchase according to the law on online sales, 1.mgr. 8.gr. laws nr. 46/2000. The last 14 days before the event starts, no tickets will be refunded. 

Is there a group discount?
No, no group discount will be given. 

How do I pay for my ticket?
You can only buy tickets online by paying with your credit card (Visa and Mastercard). Debitcards, American Express and bank transfers are not an option. 

If you need assistance with your purchase, contact tix.is on the phone +354 551 3800 or by email at info@tix.is.


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