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Landsmot - National Horse Festival 2020

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Headline Date  
Hafsteinn from Vakurstađir wins the A-Class 08.07.2018
Landsmót much bigger than I had expected 08.07.2018
Awards for excellent riding 08.07.2018
It feels like I´m 3 meters tall 08.07.2018
Bríet won Young Adults class 08.07.2018
Guđný Dís and Rođi win the Children A-finals 08.07.2018
Great Landsmót and the horses are a fairy-tale! 08.07.2018
Frami from Ketilstađir winner of B-Class 08.07.2018
Benedikt Landsmót Winner 08.07.2018
Landsmót – Final Day Program 07.07.2018
Árni Björn winner of the tölt 3rd Landsmót in a row 07.07.2018
Konráđ and Kjarkur the fastest! 07.07.2018
Shows there is always a possibility for the small ones in the horse breeding business 07.07.2018
Ţorgeir won the Young adults B-finals 07.07.2018
New world record confirmed in 250m pace 07.07.2018
Rođi from Lyngholt to A-Class finals 07.07.2018
Going for the 100m pace tonight! 07.07.2018
Landsmót - Program for Day 7 07.07.2018
Siguroddur and Steggur win B-Finals 06.07.2018
Árni Björn and Korka fastest in 150m pace 06.07.2018
World record in 250m pace? 06.07.2018
Overview of stallions finished 06.07.2018
Horse painting auctioned away to support youth work in horsemanship 06.07.2018
Children´s B-finals 06.07.2018
Teenagers B-finals 06.07.2018
B-Class - B-finals 06.07.2018
Landsmót - Program for Day 6 06.07.2018
Tölt T1 - preliminaries 06.07.2018
A-Class semi-finals-results 05.07.2018
Reykjavik the capital of the Icelandic horse said the Mayor at Landsmót's opening tonight 05.07.2018


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