In the South of Iceland you can always find accommodation to your liking. Here there are hotels, big and small, from luxurious conference halls to small and friendly country hotels. Guest houses, farmhouse accommodation and small cottages are to be found all over. Then there are also some good camping sites in the South, often in connection with diverse services. 

In the mountains there are several places offering everything from sleeping bag accommodation to luxurious hotel rooms. Also there are in several places traditional mountain huts where sleeping bag accommodation is to be had. There are restaurants of various kinds, many of which offer traditional seasonal treats such as Thorri buffets (mid-January festival); game and Christmas buffets where guests and visitors are really pampered with food and drink. 

If you prefer relaxation you can find a small, cosy, friendly place, even a farmhouse where you are offered the national flatbread, crullers, pancakes with whipped cream and hot chocolate. More and more companies hold their conferences in the South, “far from the madding crowd” of the capital, and yet within reach because the latest developments in computer technology reach the South very fast.

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