Open houses - breeding farms.

Many of our greatest breeding farms welcome you home.

Program for Friday the 8th - Updated

Little change has been made on the program for Friday.

Weather is getting better. We'll start at 16:00 at the breeding track and the main track at 17:00.

See you soon!

Changes in program due to weather

All agenda delayed until 16:00

Further information will be published soon.

Program – Breeding track & Main track

It's online!

Press pass

After proofing the request, a confirmation will be sent to you per email. Applications must be sent before June 1st 2022.


Landsmot has always been carried on the shoulders of volunteers, many of whom give their work year after year with the same passion and drive that characterized Landsmot in the very beginning.

Landsmót 2022 will be great!

We have extended the presale to February 2nd, 2022.

We'll extend the presale!

Until 02.02.2022!