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After proofing the request, a confirmation will be sent to you per email. Applications must be sent before June 1st 2022.


Landsmot has always been carried on the shoulders of volunteers, many of whom give their work year after year with the same passion and drive that characterized Landsmot in the very beginning.

Landsmót 2022 will be great!

We have extended the presale to February 2nd, 2022.

We'll extend the presale!

Until 02.02.2022!

Get your ticket today with 33% discount!

Week tickets are on presale until 31.12.2021

We‘ll begin on July 3rd 2022

Landsmót hestamanna 3rd-10th of July 2022

Market village at Landsmót hestamanna 2022

A big part of your experience when visiting Landsmót is the Market Village.

Ticket sales starts today!

Enjoy watching the world‘s best horses and riders compete at Landsmót hestamanna 2022. Iceland‘s leading musicians will perform and a variety of Icelandic food and products will be available in the market tents.

Area preparation well underway

A group of volunteers came together on Saturday and did a great job at Rangárbakkar.

Magnús Benediktsson hired as the director of Landsmót hestamanna 2022

Rangárbakkar committee has finalized an agreement with the renowned Magnús Benediktsson as the director of Landsmót hestamanna - the national tournament of the Icelandic horse in 2022.