Purchase ticket!

At the moment week tickets are on presale until 31.12.2021

Will there be any other ticket than week ticket?
Yes, there will be weekend tickets and day tickets, they'll go on sale from 1.1.2022.
Ticket price
 Sales period 5.11.2021 - 31.12.2021 1.1.2022-15.4.2022 16.4.2022-14.6.2022 15.6.2022
Week Adults 19.900 kr 21.900 kr 24.900 kr 29.900 kr
Week 14-17 year old 9.900 kr 10.900 kr 10.900 kr 10.900 kr
Week 0-13 year old - kr - kr - kr -
The weekend n/a 19.900 kr 21.900 kr 24.900 kr
Dayticket sun-wed n/a 4.900 kr 4.900 kr 4.900 kr
Dayticket Thursday  n/a 7.900 kr 9.900 kr 9.900 kr
Dayticket Friday n/a 9.900 kr 9.900 kr 9.900 kr
Dayticket Saturday n/a 9.900 kr 9.900 kr 10.900 kr
Week: Full pass, Sunday through Sunday!
Weekend: From 16:00 on Thursday through Sunday!
Day: It's available for the day you purchase it.
Is my ticket still valid?
If you purchased a ticket for the event in 2020 it's still valid. Those who seek to update their tickets can do so on .
Is there a possibility that the event get's sold out?
Well.. that has never happened. The event is outdoors and the area could easily accommodate up to 15.000 visitors. It's of course the most popular event for the Icelandic horse so to be sure... buy your tickets in advance.
If there will be any restrictions on the event grounds we will be prepared! We are aware of the risk of COVID, in case the event will be cancelled those who have already purchased tickets will get refunded.