Visit South Iceland

Outdoor enthusiasts feel at home in South Iceland. Not only does the region have flourishing lowland agricultural communities, but majestic peaks for those desiring a challenge. Other recreational activities include scenic walks and bird watching, trips on the seashore, ice climbing, kayaking, rides on 4-wheelers, rafting down rivers, and the Njáll’s Saga Tours. A pleasant sequel is going swimming, golfing, fishing or riding the small but sturdy Icelandic horse. Another animal favourite is the whale, seen on trips from the Westman Islands. The more adventurous seek out 4WD vehicles or snow scooters on the glaciers, and in the summer trips are scheduled to Þórsmörk and the Laki craters. 

The numerous museums include the Folk and the Natural History Museums in the Westman Islands, Skógar Folk Museum, and the Folk museum in Eyrarbakki. The region welcomes everyone to summertime family festivals, including Töðugjöld in Rangárþing county, Blóm í bæ in Hveragerði, The Lobster Festival in Höfn, Grímsævintýri in Grímsnes and Grafningshreppur, and the mid-summer celebration at Eyrarbakki. 


The south of Iceland abounds with magnificent and scenic locations well worth visiting. Winter puts no damper on the area’s beauty and provides its own opportunities. Sitting in the snow nursing a hot cup of cocoa, gazing at the sky and watching the northern lights perform their exotic pirouettes should be on everyone´s bucket list.

The south of Iceland has some of the country’s most diverse nature. Glaciers, volcanoes, volcanic islands, geothermal areas, glacial rivers, black sands, vast meadows, marshes, lakes of all sorts, untouched highlands and long black beaches. Many places have become well known for their beauty and wonder, including the waterfalls Gullfoss, Háifoss, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. The south is rich with geothermal energy and is also home to the famous Geysir, whose name has become a synonym for erupting hot springs in several languages. The area surrounding Geysir has been designated a protected area.

South Iceland is an invitation to adventure.

Further information about your adventure visit the official web of South Iceland!