B class gæðingar - Who are likely to win?

Like always, people have started to wonder which horses and riders are the most likely to reach such achievements as winning their class at LM2020 at Rangárbakkar, Hella.

The Market Village atmosphere

The market area is usually one of the biggest attractions when visiting a great event like Landsmót hestamanna. This summer Team Landsmót will set up a grand Market Village in a 900 sqm tent, that will be located between the main track and breeding track. Our guests can therefor use the breaks to explore exciting brands, products and services in our Market Village.

Iceland's Top Horses in July 2020

Team Landsmót is working on a big event this summer and the planning is going very well for Landsmót at Rangárbakkar show grounds in Hella 6. – 11. July 2020. We are expecting around 8000 visitors from all over the world and the show and competition horses will be just about 1000.