Market Village

A big part of your experience when visiting Landsmót is the Market Village. There you will find all kinds of Icelandic products like Lopapeysa, dry fish, sweets, jewelry, art and more. Also everything for the rider and horse!

Directly above the main track the Market Village will be located as well as the Catering Tent. So it will be easy to wander in there and explore the selection of products and merchandise. The atmosphere will be great and international, with live music and presentations. 

If you are interested in leasing a booth in the Market Village, don't hesitate to contact


  • 4 - 20 sqm: ISK. 19.900. pr. sqm 
  • 20 – 60 sqm: ISK. 17.900. pr. sqm
  • 60+ sqm: ISK. 15.900. pr. sqm 
    * prices are without VAT

This is included:

  • Show system with walls
  • Your logo
  • Electricity for small appliances (NOT for coffee machines or refrigerators. Distance to outlet can be up to 15 metres).
  • Internet connection

Extra electricity outlet costs ISK 16.500 + VAT.

A written contract will be made forehand with all retailers. 60% of the total price is due at the time of a signed contract and the remaining 40% no later than July 15th. 

Show system used will be from the service Sýningakerfi. Retailers can rent furniture, TV etc there. Please visit or contact for further information or even give them a call: +354 551 9977.