Food, beverage & market village

There will be plenty to do at Landsmót when you are not watching the beautiful horses perform on the oval track. 

Food and beverages

A variety of food and beverages will be available at the Landsmót grounds. A big catering area will be located in a big riding hall just above the main track. In there you will find all kinds of food to enjoy there or take outside while watching. Around the grounds you will also find smaller catering wagons and tents with different kind of food services. 


You will be able to buy all kinds of Icelandic product in the marketing tent: lopapeysa, outdoor chlothing, sweets, jewelry, art, icelandic dry fish and more. If you are interested in selling your product please contact our manager, Eiríkur Vilhelm Sigurðarson,

Grocery shopping

You can buy groceries in the neighborhood, see for example and for store locations.

Market village

Interested in taking part with your products? Please contact us!