Blue Lagoon one of the main sponsors

The planning of a big event like Landsmót 2020 means good relationship with main sponsors. The host Rangárbakkar, takes the responsibility seriously and the first business agreement was made with the well known wellness company, BLUE LAGOON. 


Team Landsmót is determined to execute and organize LM2020 in a way we can be proud of. The key to such an outcome, is to have strong sponsors with us and joining us in the vision of making this event a memorable and great one that everyone can remember as a successful competition event. We are very proud of this cooperation and in our work we will at all times value and present Blue Lagoon as one of our main sponsors. 

Signing the agreement: Grímur Sæmundsen on behalf of Blue Lagoon and  Kristinn Guðnason chairman of Rangárbakkar. 

Blue lagoon logo