Iceland's Top Horses in July 2022

Landsmót hestamanna is one of the two largest Horse Shows in the Icelandic Horse Scene, the other one being the World Championships. Landsmót is held every other year in different locations in Iceland and this year it will be held at Rangárbakkar in Hella 4.-10. July. At Landsmót you will find the best breeding and competition horses at each time, and it's a magical place where hope, training, horsemanship and happiness blossoms in the long and bright Icelandic summer nights.  

Iceland's best Horses!

Team Landsmót is working hard and the planning is going very well and we are expecting around 10000 visitors from all over the world and the show and competition horses will be just about 1000.

Great atmosphere

So, we aim to entertain our guests with Iceland‘s best breeding, pace, tölt and gædingar horses, as well as with Icelandic music, market area and a welcoming atmosphere and happy community. 


Landsmot has always been carried on the shoulders of volunteers, many of whom give their work year after year with the same passion and drive that characterized Landsmot in the very beginning. Enormous preparation lies in the planning and execution of Landsmot and to meet modern demands we build an entire village for up to 10,000 spectators. Your contribution is vital to make Landsmot a magnificent event. Read more here. 

Tickets and other information

All information on tickets, competition, accommodation, program, and everything else can be found here on our website www.landsmot. And please don‘t hesitate to contact us through email,  

We are really looking forward to seeing you all this summer!

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