Last Tuesday, an interesting meeting for the preparation of Landsmót 2020 was held. Approximately 30 participants gathered together at Stracta Hotel in Hella to discuss the form and other ideas for Landsmót 2020. The atmosphere was very positive and the participants all agreed that the event was going to be large by number, multifaceted, strong and different. The biggest tournaments in this century all took place in Hella, and we want to stick to that. To start off, Eiríkur Vilhelm Sigurðarson, the leader of the preparation team, gave insight into the situation and told the participants which activities had already taken place this year. After this introduction, Þórður Freyr Sigurðsson, project manager at SASS, took over and conducted a brainstorming where three main topics were discussed: the event, the facilities and surroundings and the marketing. The participants were put into groups which were changed later, so that everyone could discuss all topics. There were a few points given for each topic, but otherwise the group discussion was free. The preparation team now has the task at hand to evaluate the results and summarise them. There are exciting times ahead of us and many aspects that need to be taken into account.